• Rozik seriously have made some of the toughest, relaxing & stretchy multi-outdoor knickers I have ever used! Great for cycling and climbing, these pants give you freedom to be flexible and agile when performing on your favorite climb or ride. Not once did the pants bind up or limit my peddling, high stepping or heel hooking.
    Andrew L., Las Vegas, NV
  • I commute daily on bicycle and once a week I treat myself on my motorcycle, these pants have held up to the abuse that I put my clothes through. I am constantly riding in all weather conditions and these pants have made it without any tears or patches this summer.
    Ri C., Jacksonville, FL
  • Dudes, you cant appreciate it until you wear them, but the gusseted crotch is awesome. It sounds stupid, but I seriously was sitting at my desk repeatedly thinking “damn, these are so comfortable.” I am not lying when I tell you this thought has NEVER crossed my mind about any item of clothing I've owned, ever.
    Jacob S., Bay Area, CA
  • Thank you for all your help in placing my order. You have the best customer service I've ever seen!! And the most awesome line of active wear that can go from sport to casual. And it's great for travel I may add, looks great out of the bag. Big thanks Rozik!
    Bobby P., Atlanta, GA