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Thanks to Dallas cyclist and racer Jacob Salassi for his recent review of The Analyzers — check out the link he posted to his Strava app to see his official Rozik test ride! Nice job Jacob! (… and everyone be sure to give a hand to DORBA when they can to keep the Dallas trails fun, safe, and ride-ready!)


My ride w/Rozik

Fri Mar 15, 2013 10:38 am

Just wanted to plug these pants because I love them so damn much.

I had often found myself being discouraged from non-training road rides due to having to change clothes all the time. I love the idea of hopping on the bike and going for a more casual spin but I have a hard time going ‘easy’. I always end up sweaty and uncomfortable wearing regular shorts, or god forbid, jeans.

So I saw Rozik at a cyclocross race toward the end of last season and was interested, but forgot over time. I remembered and decided I wanted to try some on before committing to an order, and Anne @ Rozik responded right away and was willing to meet me. I forgot again (oops), and about a month went by. I emailed Anne again after reading the review on tx mountain bike trails blog and she was still super friendly and willing to meet me even though I flaked out on her the first time.

In the intervening few days I managed to eat it majorly on the Santa Fe trail and wound up needing stitches, so I had to push our meeting back again. Anne was still friendly, and worked out a day to meet.

The day came, I showed up looking 100% legit in bandages and Anne showed me the wares. I was a little torn between the trousers or knickers because I knew I would almost always be riding in some form of “shorts”, but I went with the trouser because it offered a little more flexibility because its trousers and knickers, IN ONE. I tried them on, talked about fit, and was on my merry way.

Back to the crash, well this meant I couldnt really ride with the pants for a few weeks, so what did I do instead? Just wear them for 2 weeks while doing nothing. It was the most comfortable 2 weeks of my life.

Dudes, you cant appreciate it until you wear them, but the gusseted crotch is awesome. It sounds stupid, but I seriously was sitting at my desk repeatedly thinking “damn, these are so comfortable.”. I am not lying when I tell you this thought has NEVER crossed my mind about any item of clothing ive owned, ever. I didn’t even need to get on the bike to know I loved the pants then. So, after two weeks of loving them, I washed them again and decided it was time to ride in them.

I took this ride around the lake:

17mph avg wasn’t full out but its not leisurely either, and the pants were phenomenal. I had them rolled up and buttoned in the knicker configuration and even with an average temp of 66* I was not feeling sweaty in the pants. The thing that stood out to me most during the ride was what I didn’t notice at all, chafing. I ALWAYS get chafing if I ride in street clothes, I got ZERO from these pants.

I took two more actual leisure rides with lots stuff in my pockets (keys, wallet, and phone). The pants worked as advertised, the pockets did not make me fearful for losing my stuff. The stretch was perfect, the pants do not bind at all.

Overall, these pants are a 10 out of 10. My personal anecdote is that if you prefer a tighter fit, go ahead and dry them in the drier on a LOW setting to get a little more shrink out of them. The tag discourages using the drier and for good reason, they contain a spandex like material so there is a danger of messing them up on high heat. The pants shrink 1-1.5 inches in length so pay attention to your inseam and order accordingly.


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